Sunday, February 12, 2012

Starting Your Small Health Food Business

The latest trend to hit America is consumption of healthy food. More and more consumers are searching for fresher, healthier, unprocessed, and nutritive foods that will help them stay fit and healthy. An increase in obesity and the incidence of heart disease has resulted in this dramatic change. For many people, gone are the days of indulging in fried items and unhealthy foods.

Since more people are working and not many are able to cook meals at home, people are attracted to frequenting health food stores and buying health food products. More and more people who are health conscious are opting to visit specialty restaurants serving heath foods such as salads and smoothies.

Starting Your Small Health Food Business:

While preparing to start your small health food business, you have to consider several aspects of the business carefully. It is essential to have a well-drafted business plan by taking into consideration the market research, demographic information, competitive analysis, product development. This is accomplished by doing extensive research about food trends, likes and dislikes, and the existing market for your health food business. This information can be useful in analyzing if your business may succeed. Make sure you have adequate resources to fund your venture or have a well-drafted loan proposal to help get a loan from any financial institution. Having a cash flow projection may be helpful as well.

Make a list of the equipment necessary, the staff needed, and the qualifications necessary for each position. Determine the scale of pay and other benefits for potential employees.
Determining the costs and calculating how much you are going to charge and if customers will pay for it are other important aspects. Make sure to include the operating and maintenance costs too, and be sure your products are not under-priced. You may need to do some research about your potential customers' spending habits on foods. Determine a break-even point to help measure your success.

Determining the location, selecting the right kind of retail space, figuring out the lease, and getting a good deal are important, too. You will have to determine the kind of entity your business is going to be and then get the appropriate licenses and permits necessary to legally operate your business. Make sure the premises and equipment are conforming to the rules regarding food safety and sanitary conditions.

Developing a good marketing and advertising plan is essential. Marketing and advertising strategies have to be developed by carefully considering the target market, getting across the right message and ensuring that you get the attention of customers with catch phrases that will list the benefits of healthy foods. Use the local paper, cable and radio to announce the launch of your business, advertise in the free newsletters that are distributed in your area, give out fliers. Use the Web, too, and promote your products successfully.

These are a few tips for starting your own small health food business.
There are firms that help businesses succeed by offering services and products that make it easier to manage the businesses.

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